MBN works with clients to develop remediation alternatives that best suit the needs of the client as well as the current and/or proposed uses of the Site.  Examples of remediation strategies utilized by MBN include the following:

  • Collection of chlorinated solvent impacted groundwater with on-Site treatment and discharge to the respective sanitary sewer system.  The treatment system is capable of being remotely controlled to control the discharge events.
  • In-situ treatment of chlorinated solvent impacted groundwater.
  • Excavation and off-Site disposal of impacted soils.
  • Oversight/sampling/reporting for the removal of underground storage tanks (USTs)
  • Employment of risk-based remediation strategies to effectively manage risks on Site.

Each client, their needs and their respective Sites are unique and deserve to be addressed as such.  MBN strives to develop remediation strategies that are cost effective and meet the clients needs for the present and future.

MBN’s Phase Two ESA reports are recognized and accepted by the major Canadian lending institutions.