MBN completes hydrogeologic studies to support redevelopment of land, often in conjunction with completing RSCs.  Hydrogeologic studies are required in many municipalities as part of the Site Plan Application process.  These studies provide an indication of dewatering requirements during construction (short-term) and post-construction (long-term).  The potential impacts on the receiving sewer system are examined in terms of both water quantity and quality.

MBN also assists property owners seeking to sever properties in rural areas that rely on private septic systems and/or water supply wells where municipal services are not available.  MBN completes a subsurface characterization of the property, evaluates the ability of the property to receive treated sewage, completes a desktop review of the properties of the water supply aquifer, and prepares a report to document the findings.  Recommendations for advanced treatment are also provided as required to ensure groundwater resources are not affected by the proposed severance.