Drew Stoltz, P.Eng., QP ESA

Drew Stoltz is a founding partner of MBN Environmental Engineering Inc., providing consulting services related to environmental due diligence, contaminant identification, transport and remediation, as well as insurance claim and litigation support.

Recognized by MECP as a Qualified Person (QP), Drew works closely with clients to provide efficient, economical, practical and viable solutions to their respective needs. This includes providing assistance and advice to lawyers, property developers, financial institutions, environmental contractors, industrial and commercial businesses and global insurance carriers.

Drew has been involved in the field of environmental engineering since graduating from the University of Guelph with a B.Sc. in Water Resources Engineering in 1991. Over the course of a 30-year career Drew has been involved in a wide array of environmental matters, including:

  • The preparation of numerous Phase One and Two Environmental Site Assessment Reports,
  • Preparation, filing and MECP acknowledgement of Records of Site Condition,
  • Development of Site-specific remedial action plans,
  • Provided litigation support to lawyers in environmental contamination lawsuits,
  • Assists insurance carriers with respect to active insurance claims and advice on potential third party liabilities, and
  • Completion of soil sampling and report preparation as required by On-Site and Excess Soil Management regulation (O.Reg. 406/19).

Drawing on 30 years of experience allows Drew to help clients understand the implications of environmental reports and site-specific conditions. Drew believes it is fundamental and imperative to engage with clients to the extent such that each client understands and recognizes that MBN and each client is working together to develop a site-specific solution.

Drew enjoys golfing, cycling and will engage in lively discussion about pretty much any sport. He enjoys travel and spending time during colder months in Florida.


Rob Hoag, P.Eng., QP ESA

Rob has been with MBN Environmental Engineering Inc. as a founding partner and director since the firm’s formation in 2012. Rob practices environmental engineering, with a strong focus on hydrogeology, environmental due diligence, commercial and industrial stormwater management, environmental remediation, and litigation support. Rob is recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) as a Qualified Person for Environmental Site Assessments (QPESA).

Rob’s practice area includes the following

  • Phase One and Two ESAs.
  • Design, implementation and reporting for environmental remediation activities, including traditional and innovate approaches.
  • Submission of applications to MECP for Records of Site Condition.
  • Engineering design of Risk Management Measures in support of Risk Assessments.
  • Design and implementation of soil vapour monitoring programs.
  • Hydrogeologic assessments for large-scale developments and lot severances.
  • Preparation of Stormwater Management (SWM) Plans for small- to medium-sized commercial and industrial properties.
  • Applications for Environmental Compliance Approvals for sewage works (and related compliance monitoring) for SWM systems.
  • Litigation support and preparation of expert reports for disputes involving environmental matters.

Rob believes that post-secondary education continues for life. He is continuously seeking to learn new skills and understand how things work. He believes that the practice areas within environmental engineering are interconnected and should not be viewed in isolation, and that knowledge, skill and experience in a broad range of topics within the field are critical to finding solutions to the environmental challenges that MBN’s clients face. Rob’s client-focussed approach has resulted in invitations to present at industry events as part of the clients’ team.

Outside of MBN, Rob is a dedicated husband and proud father of two teenagers. He also works within the community as a volunteer firefighter, responding with two stations in Woolwich Township. In this role, he not only responds to vehicle collisions, fires, medical calls and other emergencies, but also helps guide the ongoing training of recruits and experienced firefighters. Seeking to help bring the joy of hockey to youth who cannot participate in the stand-up version, Rob is the trainer, a board member, and the Ontario Sledge Hockey Association representative for the Woolwich Thrashers sledge hockey club. Rob is also an avid automobile enthusiast.

  • Bachelor of Science (Hons), Physical Geography, Wilfrid Laurier University, 1992
  • Master of Science, Wetland Hydrology, Queen’s University, 1994
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons), Geological Engineering, 1997
  • Professional Engineer, Ontario, 2000
  • Professional Engineer, Manitoba, 2022